Saint Véran « Au Mont »

This Saint-Véran comes from a place known for its early maturity. It is therefore a slightly overripe cuvée which surprises with its aromatic richness. Moderate yields allow us to produce a confidential volume.


Wine : Saint-Véran « Aux Monts »
Area : 81 a
Average age of the vineyard : 40 years old
Grape variety :Chardonnay
Color : White
Local soil : clay and calcareous soil with South East exposure


Slow fermentation in barrel with low temperature . Maturing during 11 months in the oak barrels until bottling.


Eye : Yellow straw gold with silver reflections.
Nose : Mature fruits and honey aromas.
Mouth : Chubby, strong, mature apricot, gingerbread.



We recommend to pour this wine at 11c, 12c (52F)

We suggest this wine with chicken in creamy sauce, white meat, bold fishes.



You can drink this wine now or age it up to 6 years.

Château de La Greffière, Blanc