Château des Bois

A story

Château des Bois is located at Sologny in south of Burgundy between Mâcon and Cluny. It was built in the XIX century on the beautiful countryside in the center of a rich historic medieval region: For exemple, you can visit the Cluny‘s Abbey and the castel of Berzé Le Chatel just few kilometers north.
In 2012, when the wine grower stopped to work, The owners of Château des Bois looked for a young person to continue cultivating and vinifying in the Castle. Xavier Greuzard, new wine grower of the Château de la Greffière, suggests to bring his knowledge on the exploitation.

The particular local soil

The domain is on a windy hill, in front of the prestigious Roche De Solutré, this offers to the wineyard a unique specificity. In fact, Château des Bois is on the top of an natural amphitheater in wich 7.5 hectares of wine are planted. There is “Pinot Noir”, “Gamay” and “Chardonnay” on a particular ground exposed Southeast and southwest.

A domain

The wine cellar is located few meters from the vineyard. it is a old building of several centuries which is renovated and equipped with news equipments. It is equiped with a sorting conveyor, a pneumatic press, few stainless steel tank and oak barrels.


The romanticism and the passion of the eponym poet seem to blow on the hillysides yet, indeed wines are aromatic and delicate.

Thanks to all these ideal conditions,  we can propose you four Wines:

  • Mâcon Milly-Lamartine white
  • Mâcon Milly-Lamartine red
  • Bourgogne
  • Mâcon Milly-Lamartine « Cuvée Alphonse »

wines of Château des Bois